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The Wrong Way To Train
The majority of organisations go about training staff members to become leaders in the wrong way. Everyone recognises the need to provide training; after all it is not beneficial to throw a new supervisor straight into the role without any type of guidance. But how you do it makes a big difference.
Consider that the most common way to provide training is to take several employees and MAB instructor certification put them all in one room for in-house instruction or send them off for a day of training in a seminar. Unfortunately, this `hands-off` approach rarely achieves lasting results. From the minute the attendees walk out the door, they are already losing a great deal of what they learned. In fact, it is estimated that up to 87% of the skills learned in a classroom are lost within one month. Obviously this is not an acceptable rate of return on your training investment.
Fortunately, there is a better way to ensure employees retain new skills during performance of their job tasks. This can be summed up by the notion that ability with motivation will equal optimum performance. Each person has certain abilities, such as work experience and knowledge that relates to his or her job along with innate skills and talents. Their motivation comes from a willingness to apply knowledge in the performance of duties.
Past research results have shown a positive effect from using follow-up on newly learned skills. After the training session is over, it is the responsibility of the manager to show how these skills can be applied in everyday duties and ensure that this is being done. In effect the employee takes the new knowledge - the ability - and accepts encouragement of its application - the motivation - in order to achieve a lasting change in behaviour.
Clearly if a frontline staff member is lacking one or the other of ability or motivation, there is a factor missing in the equation. Training provides the ability but only skilled leadership can nurture the motivation inherent in most employees. The same holds true at any level of the organisation. The frontline leader himself must be aided in developing motivation, too.
The best method for training employees is to utilise the classroom and ensure follow-up after the session provided by a manager who is already adept in the skills being taught. This concept will change your company`s frontline leadership in a positive, and enduring, manner.
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